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General Questions

Where is your headquarters location?

Our headquarters is based in Shenzhen, China.

Where can I purchase Cannaforce vaping products?

If you are interested in becoming our partners, please submit an interest form or contact us at sales@cannaforce710.com to begin a journey with us.

Where can I find the product specifications?

Every product page contains specification information. If you are a distributor and seeking for additional information, please contact our sales team,sales@cannaforce710.com.

Where are Cannaforce products designed and manufactured?

Cannaforce products designed and manufactured in Shenzhen, China. Cannaforce has its own research institute factory and product patents. Our products are developed, designed, and manufactured with strict quality control throughout the entire process.

How to become a Cannaforce Partner?

Cannaforce welcomes you all to our world of cannabis vaporizers. We are willing to share our decades of experience and technology with our stakeholders. Please complete the wholesale form and we will be in touch within 48 hours.

Does Cannforce offer custom services?

Yes, customization is one of our key pillars. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers and partners with custom hardware to match their oil formulations and brands. Contact us to find out how we can perfectly customize a vape pen for your brand.

If I have questions, who should I contact?

Welcome to contact us at sales@cannaforce710.com. Once we received your email, our service team will be in touch within 48 hours.

Sales Questions

Do you provide samples?

We are happy to provide samples to potential partners because we are willing to offer the opportunity to those who want to get into this industry. Please contact sales for specific details,sales@cannaforce710.com.

Does Cannaforce fill cartridges?

No, Cannaforce only produces and sells cartridges. Cannaforce does not produce, distribute or sell any material filled in cartridges and disposables.

How will I know if the vaping products are heavy metal free?

Product safety and quality are Cannaforce's top priorities. We are committed to the highest standards in the industry and work with several licensed laboratories for heavy metal testing. In addition, we agree to conduct another heavy metal test with the customer. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, ensuring our products and our manufacturers' production environments stand the test of time. We go to great lengths to ensure our products are as safe as possible for our customers.

Can I use the Cannaforce’s pod system / 510 carts with a non-Cannaforce battery?

Our cartridges feature a standard 510 threaded connection for universal compatibility.

Does Cannaforce Device compatible with thick oil?

Yes, all our equipment is compatible with all concentrates on the market. However, due to the variability of each concentrate, it is best to order samples from our sales representatives(sales@cannaforce710.com). After you test our equipment with hemp oil, we can adjust the specifications of the equipment and make the equipment perform at its best.

Does Cannaforce provide a recommended oil temperature range when filling?

Yes, Cannaforce provides recommended oil temperature ranges when filling and capping. Please contact a Cannaforce rep(sales@cannaforce710.com) to request an SOP for a specific product.