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Enhanced Ceramic Formula

CF's proprietory ceramic formula ensures consistent pore distribution and optimal heat distribution, resulting in a noticeable increase in flavor. 

Unparalleled Safety in Heating

CF's ceramic atomization core employs hydrogen-protective co-firing technology. This cutting-edge approach ensures the heating wire remains oxidation-free while enhancing ceramic strength, resulting in a more durable and flavorful vaping experience. Enjoy with a peace of mind.

Balanced Heat Distribution

Experience limitless vapor production with CF's integrated coil design, which expertly and uniformly distributes heat throughout the entire ceramic core. This precision-engineered design guarantees pure and consistent vapor, eliminating common problems like overheating or unpleasant burnt taste caused by the heating wire.

No Particle Shedding

Our innovative progressive heating technology ensures that the ceramic body remains free from localized hotspots, reducing extreme temperature changes and effectively eliminating the risk of ceramic particles shedding. 

Retains True Flavor

Experience enhanced flavor and mouthfeel with our use of larger ceramic heating wires for superior heat performance, incorporation of food-grade porous adsorption materials with a precisely engineered honeycomb pore structure, effectively vaporizing a wider range of terpenes responsible for defining the aroma of cannabis, resulting in flavor and texture improvement.

Richer Vapor

With an optimized ceramic formula and enhanced coil design, achieve higher heat efficiency, outstanding preheating performance, and faster vapor generation. Get a remarkable  increase in vapor volume.

Stellar Consistency

The advanced anti-oxidation finish of our heating coils improves product consistency by more than 20%.

Dual Airflow

Enjoy smoother draws during inhalation. The absence of a central airflow tube provides a sleek and refined appearance, allowing for a clear view of the oil chamber.

Preheating Function

Experience ultimate enjoyment in just ten seconds.