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Revo | Easy to Change,Suit Your Mood

Jun 06,2024 | Cannaforce

Introducing the **Revo Cannabis E-Cigarette**, a revolutionary new device designed to enhance your cannabis experience with convenience, sustainability, and superior performance. Say goodbye to the traditional e-cigarette and welcome the future of cannabis consumption.

Cartridge System

Effortlessly switch between different cannabis strains or concentrates to suit your mood or desired effect.

Whether you need a calming Indica, an energizing Sativa, or a balanced Hybrid, our easy-to-change cartridges make it simple to replenish your energy whenever and wherever you need it.

Dual Air VentsClog Free

Experience uninterrupted, smooth draws every time. The dual ventilation system ensures consistent airflow, preventing clogs and enhancing your vaping experience.

Power&Puffs Screen Display

The integrated display provides real-time updates on battery and Cannabis oil levels, ensuring you always have control over the status of your device.

Postless, Cotton Free

Revo's unique design eliminates the central snorkel and oil storage cotton. Immerse yourself in the pure, unadulterated flavor of hemp with every puff.


Upgrade your cannabis vaping experience with the Revo Cannabis E-Cigarette. Embrace the future of convenience, performance, and sustainability.