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Slim | Ride the Clouds,Taste the Flavor

Jun 05,2024 | Cannaforce

The Cannabis industry continually evolves, with advancements that enhance user experience and product efficiency. The C80 Slim is one of Cannaforce's latest innovations making waves in the industry.

Extra Large Ceramic Bucket Coil

The C80 Slim is equipped with a large Ceramic Bucket Coil, which ensures even heating across the entire surface. This design eliminates the risk of uneven heating that can lead to a mushy taste, allowing users to enjoy the full, rich flavor of their marijuana. 

Postless, Cotton Free

The device has no central vent, which reduces the risk of clogging and ensures a smoother smoking experience. The absence of oil storage cotton also simplifies the design of the equipment, making it more efficient and easier to maintain.

Automatic 5sec Preheat

Enjoy the full flavor of cannabis from the first sip to the last without any delay or loss. The C80 Slim is ready to deliver a perfect hit in five seconds.

Top Oil Injection

The C80 Slim simplifies this process with a top-fill design, making the process safe, simple, and hygienic, greatly reducing the chance of spills and contamination


Experience the future of vaping with the C80 Slim, where every detail is designed to deliver the best possible experience from the first puff to the last.