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ELITE l See the Difference, Feel the Purity

Jan 26,2024 | Cannaforce

Step into the world of sophisticated cannabis consumption with CannaForce, where cutting-edge technology meets understated luxury. Our premier cannabis vape product is designed to redefine your vaping experience, offering a perfect blend of style and performance. 

Understated Luxury Appearance

Elite uses baking paint technology to create a metallic texture that exudes sophistication. You can maintain low-key elegance when you go out, making a statement without being overly conspicuous.

Purity Redefined

Say goodbye to cotton and metal parts. The Elite is engineered for purity, allowing you to experience 100% oil purity. With no interference from extraneous materials, every inhale is a direct and lucid encounter with the essence of your chosen oil.

Automatic 10sec Preheat

As soon as you turn it on, the Elite precisely adjusts to the ideal heating temperature, ensuring that every draw provides optimal flavor and consistency. From the first inhalation to the last, the Elite Vape guarantees a smooth and enjoyable session.

Enhanced Ceramic Coil

Utilizing low-temperature atomization technology, this device excels in preserving the authentic taste of your oils. Unlike ordinary ceramic coils, the Elite's larger heating area produces more substantial and denser vapor clouds, allowing you to relish every moment of your vaping experience.


Join us as we uncover the secrets behind Elite's understated luxury, pure oil experience, precise temperature control, and advanced ceramic core technology. Welcome to a new era of cannabis vaping perfection with CannaForce.